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Limited Warranty. New Amplifiers are warranted to the original purchaser against failure of materials and workmanship. No other warranty applies. Tubes, Speakers and Footswitches are warranted for a period of ninety days from date of sales receipt from an Authorized Splawn dealer listed on this website. This warranty applies only if the amplifier has not been damaged by accident, misuse or as a result of repair or modification. This warranty is not transferable. Splawn reserves the right to make any design changes without notice or obligation to incorporate these changes in products previously purchased. Splawn is not liable for any freight or duty charges. All Warranty repairs are to be done by Splawn Amplification. The warranty information listed here supercedes any previous listing.

We will not be responsible for missed ship dates if the requested ship date(s) on your order is less than our standard 8-12 week lead time or for any other unforeseen reason (such as our vendors having problems supplying parts) etc.


The PM and the QR are the same amp the only difference is the KT88's in the PM and EL34's in the QR.

The PM has more of a modern tone, bigger and tighter lowend, less midrange and more aggressive on the top end. The QR has the classic 80's vibe with dynamic midrange with a smooth top end.

The QR only sounds like VH if you can play like VH. It has the classic EL34 mids that gives it that title, however it can do heavier stuff with ease.

The Gear Mode switch is a 3 position rotary switch that only effects the overdrive channel. The 1st position which is called 1st gear has the modded Plexi tone, less lowend and gain with a little more top end. 2nd gear is a bolder tone more lowend and gain and a little less top end. 3rd gear is the same as 2nd with more gain added in.

The loop is series and it is a ss design. The loop will seem to add gain and high end to the tone, however as you bring the master volume up the power section catches up with the pre-amp section.

Anytime you put something in the signal path it will effect the tone. Most processors have gain settings to help compensate this. If you are concerned with a piece of gear dramatically affecting your tone, you can check the loop by engaging it without anything connected. If the loop adds a little boost and does not alter the tone dramatically then you need to check the settings of your outboard gear.

The half power switch on the 100 watt amps disconnects the the two outside power tubes. You will need to set your ohm selector on the amp to half of what you speaker cab ohm load is.
On the 50 or 40 watt amps its a Pentode/Triode switch, you do not have to change the ohm load when using this function.

Yes you can get any headbox with any amp, except for the Streetrod. Some options like the racing stripes and graphics are an upcharge.

No we do not offer a trial period because we consider each amp a special order. Some of our dealers offer this, so you can check with them before placing the order.

Yes we install a selector that will run at 100-120-220-240 volts.

Yes any switching system that uses latching relays will work. You will need a total of four relays to control all of the functions. The layout of the two 1/4" jacks on the amp are Footswitch jack A tip is for the solo boost function, the ring is for the OD1/OD2 function, Footswitch B tip is for the clean/overdrive function. Footswitch B ring is for the mode switch after serial # 460.

Unfortunately we had to stop offering this due to our back log, we still offer replacement headboxes.

The only options that we offer are cosmetic only no electronic modifications at all!

"No" all Splawn amps have a master volume for each channel labeled volume. We just do not use a global style master that you see on other brands. Non master volume amps only have one volume control per channel which is normally in the same location as the gain control. That is why these older amps had to be very loud before the pre-amp started to break up.

We have so little request for this that its just not worth setting up the space for a demo area at this time. If you contact us ahead of time we can try to arange it so that you could try something out.

We are a small operation with only 3 people. We build all our own head boxes and cabinets in house.
It takes time to handle everything that goes into building amps, phone calls. ordering parts, equiptment mantinence etc. Please be pre-pared to wait when placing an order.

For product information or general questions please contact us
Sometimes emails do not get to us so if you do not hear back from us please call 800-895-7729