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Tolex Color
--Black---- White--V. White----Red-----Purple---Orange----Boa------Green---Cocoa-----Blue------Silver

Piping Color
Gold, Silver, White, Black

Grill Cloth
Black Basket Weave

Natural Basket Weave

Salt and Pepper Basket Weave

Large Check Basket Weave

White Basket Weave

Headshell Style
Plexi , Pro Mod, Super Stock, Super Comp, "800 style", Nitro

Front Panel Cutout Options
Mesh, Clear Lexan, Grill Cloth

Control Panel
Silver, Gold, White, (Black Nitro ,Quickrod and Streetrod only)

Control Knobs
Silver, Gold, Black Chickenhead, White Chickenhead, Red Chickenhead


Headshell Styles


800 style headshell
w/ black basketweave

Plexi Style Headshell
w/Gold Pinstripes

Nitro style headshell

Nitro style headshell
w/ Optional Black Mesh

Super Stock headshell
w/ silver mesh

Super Comp style headshell

800 style headshell
w/custom"Z-28" stripes

Super Stock headshell
w/custom"Z-28" stripes

Quickrod style headshell
w/ boa tolex

Super Stock headshell
w/Center Stripe

Nitro style headshell
w/ Optional Z28 Stripes

Nitro style headshell
w/ Optional Clear Lexan

Painted Graphic Panels


Pro Mod Headshell
Rising Sun Graphic

Pro Mod headshell
w/ flame graphic


Example Cab Designs


412 Straight
White w/ White grill

412 Slant
w/ Salt & Pepper grill

412 Hybrid Slant
Boa w/ Black grill


412 Straight
Black w/ Natural grill

212 Standard
Red w/ Natural grill

412 Slant
Purple w/ Natural & White grill



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